Hello 🙂 My name is Michelle Pearson…

And I am a proud Latina American woman who was born and raised in Peru and settled in Vermont, (U.S.A) in 2003. Since then, I have been tilling the gardens within the neighborhood doing anything you can imagine. Painting houses, landscaping, and doing what I love most: creating beautiful gardens of all kinds.

In Peru I worked on my families farm

In Peru, families work together and even life on the same block of land. When one house it full, we build another house right next to it. We all live in proximity to each other.

Before we all moved to the US. I worked on my families farm, we worked hard and never had to pray for rain – ever! I guess that was the bonus of farming in a very warm tropical country.

You name it, we grew it. Our farm was really that big. We kept horses, sheep, cows and even pigs.

I cannot wait to teach all of you about my gardening skills!

<3 Michelle.

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